26 Boem Crescent South, Ifafi, Hartbeespoortdam,NW

Redemption Hill Launch

Redemption Hill Ifafi

Our Center

Our facility is right on the banks of the Hartbeespoort dam in an idyllic and tranquil setting.

We accommodate male and female residents.

Our staff are certified in life coaching, executive coaching, psychological interventions, addiction counselling, and group facilitation. The minimum programme duration for each resident is four months, with 6 months recommended if necessary, however, a pro-rata refund will be given if the resident chooses not to stay on.

The capacity for this facility is 30 persons.

Please call us for information on our rates.

There is also an up-front fee of R1500 for compulsory medical assessment that is refundable in portion or full if the funds are not utilised by the resident.

Please feel free to call for any further information on:

012 259 0263


Redemption Hill Shelly Beach

Coming Soon

We are launching this amazing facility on the 1st November.

All of our tried and trusted methods and skills will be replicated in an idyllic recovery setting, right on the beach.

Feel free to call us and discuss options for an incredible opportunity to be healed.

Our work

What we do

Our life passion and mission is to assist broken people to restore their lives and relationships to a healthy and happy state.

Using tried and tested materials we supplement our work with quality pragmatic education around:

  • Life Skills
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Self-Awareness
  • Physical and Spiritual Wholeness
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Other Services


We do home interventions as well as adult diversions from court.


We offer a support group every Wednesday evening for those affected by addiction. Open to everyone and anyone to join us to be equipped and educated to help you and your loved one deal with this affliction.

Our Mission

”  We re-unite people with God and restore broken relationships between families, friends and people”

Through the inspiration that has been given to us by our heavenly father, we have constructed and designed our ministry according to the precepts and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We build confidence through coaching, mentoring, counselling and other therapies such as art, sport, music, animal interaction and group sessions.
Our methods are evolved, and based on current thinking and new philosophies with regards to addiction.

These are founded on the knowledge, inspiration and learnings from our experienced staff, and our core metric is to have fully recovered individuals that stay recovered.

Music for the soul
Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
by Lily Hunter
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Six  Common Lies About Addiction
Six Common Lies About Addiction

Addiction is a very complex and often misunderstood topic, and there are many various opinions on the matter. There are some “stakeholders”, those that stand to benefit by some of the common lies about addiction, such as certain doctors, pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists and hospitals. The lies are in their, favour as they provide a constant


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26 Boem Crescent South, Ifafi, Hartbeespoortdam,NW
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